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Reading in the Time of Covid (my take on "love in the time of cholera")

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Kristy Greenwood, is always good for the soul. Her characters are funny, sweet and quirky, just what we need for right now.

Michael Grumley has just released his most recent addition to the "Breakthrough" series. Here's hoping it won't be the last. The man is a genus at keeping me up to the wee hours of the morning with his writing!!

Marian Keyes, "The Brightest Star In The Sky" is like being a voyeur into an entire apartment building in Dublin.

Sacha Black's irreverent, funny and totally spot on, "The Anatomy Of Prose" has been invaluable as I am editing and revising my current WIP.

"Call Me Crazy" Melanie Harlow's guilty pleasure!

Susan Haught, "Christmas Under The Christmas Stars" because who doesn't like Christmas in March!

Phoebe Fox's "The Break UP Doctor" is on my "to read" many books...too little time!

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