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As a lifelong journal keeper, I’ve been writing about my life experiences since the age of eight. I credit the public library system in general and a librarian by the name of Emily Hermance in particular with my love of reading. Emily guided me from picture books through reference material when my curiosity on a particular subject was piqued.


My first career was as a nurse and I’ve listened to patients talk about their deepest secrets. Sickness and the possibility of death will often lead someone to reveal things about their life they might not otherwise. Like a confessional, patients know that confidentiality is also something medical professionals are trained to keep. Without revealing sources and naming names, people’s lives can be woven into great stories. With this wealth of resources, that is what I have done.


I’ve had the advantage of living in various locations throughout the United States, following my husband as he pursued his military career. I may have grown up a small town girl, but my travels have taught me that people tend to have more in common than they do differences.

I have five grown children and ten grandchildren. I frequently use bits and pieces borrowed from their lives to include in my writing.  


I am a certified landscape designer and use it to try and tame the ten acres I live on in rural north central Florida with my husband, a few working cats.

I have pulled my first two novels down from Amazon to revise them. They will be available soon.

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